Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello, hello.

Good evening my little orangebuds. Like, rosebuds. Only not.

Lately I have been very happy. Yes, I said it. VERY HAPPY. Hard to believe but I seem to catch myself smiling for no reason sometimes. And let me just say, it feels great.
I went home last weekend to see one of my best friends, Alexa Little, change her name to Alexa Elizondo. I am SO happy for them both. Shon is a great guy and Alexa deserves him and he deserves Alexa. I know they will be together for ever and then some. I haven't known Shon for that long but I can already tell he is a genuine guy who will treat Alexa amazing and give her the greatest life she has ever wanted. I love you both!
Other than that wonderful event, I have been dozed over with homework and papers. Now that I have a social life, I'm getting bombarded with all this work!
I also got a new phone because my other one broke. Thank you to my little brother who gave me his upgrade. Very thankful for my family. I'm so blessed and this life is amazing.
Also signed up for classes. 17 credits, I think I'm going to die next quarter! D:
EEK, well I'm doing laundry. BYEEEE.

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