Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday October 6.

Could not be more obsessed with October, that's for sure. I had my first pumpkin spiced latte and pumpkin scone when I was at Starbucks a few days ago!
I bought 3 books the other day:

  1. The Treachery of Beautiful Things
  2. The Time Keeper
  3. The Shop on Blossom Street
I've started reading The Shop On Blossom Street and I got to say so far it's pretty good. A little bit too much "older lady" for me, but still good. I've also started knitting. I've knitted before but never actually finished anything. I'm doing a scarf. Not very far, but I'll get there eventually.
Also I finished a paper today on methods of teaching reading. Single spaced papers totally suck. I've got some homework to do but I just don't want to do it. :|
I found this the other day and decided I'd share it!

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