Saturday, March 23, 2013

I have pretty strong beliefs about bullying. Whether it is face to face, cyber, or talking behind someone's back, bullying is NOT the answer. Neither is suicide. If you need help, you find someone, anyone. Bullying is so popular and something needs to happen. Here's a video I've seen. I suggest you watch it and spread the word about bullying. Everyone needs someone.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

School, Cows, and Books!

Well hello, I do say it has been a while since I have last posted anything.
As of now, I am on Spring Break. It has been raining all except the day I came home. That is okay though, I don't mind the rain. My classes and finals went well. I got all A's and one B. I'm hoping to make the Dean's List again. I did last spring, but not this fall. I didn't get to sign up for any special education courses this quarter, so I'm kind of angry. I did get into a few elementary education classes and then I am also taking my last gen ed class. I should have a lot more free time, so I am REALLY looking forward to a nice spring in Ellensburg!
My Dad picked me up when I got home last Friday. He took me directly to a place where I can get an application for a job. I really want and need a job. I am looking forward to having money so I can afford college and the things that come with it!
Three of our mommacows have had babies! Two black and white ones (NOT like dairy cows) and one brown and white one. A black and white one is named "Punchie" because she has a black eye. The calves are way too cute. The picture is of the brown one, the oldest, born about a week ago. The next picture is of my dad (poppabear) and our cow, Zebu. The Dad to all of the calves born recently.
The past couple days I have been helping and observing the classroom my mom works in. It is called "Partner's In Transition" or PIT. It's really a cool program, the students are ages 18-21 and they volunteer at the places that they call their jobs. Places like a hair salon, the community center where food is donated, and a few other places. They also get groceries, and get to go on fun field trips! I wanted to see what my mom really does for her job. It seems like nothing (not to dis on her job) all she does is watch over the students do their work. It's rather interesting, seems like something I'd like to get into.
Even though I love being home for spring break, I'm slightly excited to go back to school. I DO love it here. The homey feel along with my pets and friends, but it feels so weird not having any homework to do. I don't like it almost. :| TOO lazy and TOO relaxing here. I do enjoy the rain.
OH ALSO, I watched Breaking Dawn part 2 yesterday. OH MY WORD. I can't even explain. Such a fantastic movie. So well done. BY FAR my favorite. Real acting, real words, it was just way to great to explain, I can't even do it. SUCH A TWIST. Good lord. If you have not seen it, you must.
I checked out a few books today. I have been reading the Harry Potter series, I am on book two. The books I checked out from the Woodland Public Library today were The Pig Did It by Joseph CaldwellDown The Mysterly River by Bill Willingham, and The Curse of the Wendigo by Rick Yancey. I didn't realize the last one was a sequel to a book. That's okay though, it is also an audiobook so maybe I can just go with it!
Well that is all I have to say for now, I better start reading!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Morning

That is all I have been recently. It's honestly semi-exhausting. Only semi, because I sleep a lot. I also did some painting a this past few weeks. Put some Christmas lights in my room as well. I't s lovely at night.
Midterms are coming up. I'm a bit nervous, especially for my philosophy class. It is all a bit confusing to me.
I haven't been out much lately. The snow is fading but it's still pretty icy. I snapped a couple pictures on my walk to go get groceries as well.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Well tomorrow I start crackin' down on my experiment  I don't know if I'd call it that actually but I'm going on a "get-fit" mode, I suppose. I'm gonna start getting up and going to the gym, but tomorrow I think I'm going to go after class because that will be more convenient. I'm excited. I probably seem weird to people by having pictures like this of Kendall Jenner in my room:
But HEY, gotta stay motivated. 
I'm waiting for the new Finding Bigfoot to come on because it's going to be in Washington tonight! I'm pretty stoked. 
Well, stay solid yo. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter 2013

Today is the first day of winter quarter 2013. It is different having to write 2013 instead of 2012. Also, it's the first year since 1987 that none of the numbers are repeated!
My first class, philosophy 201, went well. Seems like it will be a lot of online work, but that is all. It was funny because my professor walked into class and wrote "Physics 384 Quantum Mechanics" on the board, and a girl stood up and started to leave. Then he said "Just kidding!" It was funny, everyone was looking around seeing if anyone was getting up because no one was sure if he was kidding or not. I was sure I had the right room though. 
My EFC 210 class has A LOT of things I need to do for my major. I'm actually kind of scared!
As for EDLT 321, I think I'll enjoy it. A lot of reading, but mostly books like I've listed below!
I also picked up some of my books, the small ones mostly for my literacy II class. Some are like "Where the Wild Things Are" and "The Lightning Thief " I'm actually rather excited to read these since I haven't yet!
As for being home for the holidays, it was nice. Pretty busy actually, so I feel like it went by really fast. I volunteered in Ms. Lewellen's classroom for almost two weeks, then after that I went out a couple times with my friends and met some new friends too! Overall, I'd say it was a really good break. I can't wait to go home for summer though, I really hope I have a good time. My Dad wants me to get a job, I want one too because I need the money, but I also want to have a really fun summer. I mean, after all I am getting old! Crazy to believe that I'll be 20 in the summer, and graduate college when I am 21... HOPEFULLY. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday!

Unfortunately, I'm not participating in black friday festivities due to the fact that I have a bunch of homework I need to get done!
I hope y'all had a splendid Thanksgiving. I know I did. I feel like it was very loud and hektic but it was fun. Here are a few pictures!

To be honest, I'm rather excited to go back to school and hang out with my boyfriend and just chillax. I feel like here I have so much stuff do Monday, I can't just chill out! I have two papers and a game board to make all for my Literacy 1 class! It really stinks but oh well. 
I'm getting rather excited for the Christmas season though! Finally can listen to Christmas music and it will be socially acceptable.
I hope everyone who reads this (which is no one I'm pretty sure I'm writing to myself) has a very happy holidays!